About Me


Growing up in Germany I have always been exposed to complementary healing methods and have developed early a curiosity and passion for the holistic approach. The effects of imbalances in the body on the mind and vice versa have always fascinated me and some friends and class mates have asked me from an early age to help them solve their problems which I enjoyed. Being a open minded person with a curiosity for a large variety of things I took a detour via several other professions before finally arriving back at one of my greatest passions: the human body and mind.

Dipping my toes into a type of bodywork that teaches people to recognize their behavioural patterns on a physical basis in Germany I decided to first train in Holistic Massage in the UK. When one day working with a client who had overcome their symptoms of depression with the help of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy but still showed symptoms on a behavioural level and also on a postural basis I decided that the Solution Focused approach would be the perfect addition to my repertoire.
Being a curious person I decided to train further and study the mechanics of the human body which resulted in two degrees in Sports Massage.

I very much enjoy helping people to find a solution for their problems mental and physical.


I was born and bred in Germany and developed very early the urge to emigrate. At the age of 15 I decided that England had to be my home country of choice. It was not until 2005 that I managed to pack up my life and settle in the UK and still like it here more than 10 years later.

In my private life I enjoy reading, playing my ukulele, arts and crafts, growing my own vegetables on my allotment when I get the time and most of all I seek every opportunity to enjoy the company of other species which I feel makes me whole. I am also very interested in nutrition and the influence of the digestive system on the mind.
Being the person that I am I will carry on learning and widening my horizon as long as my mind allows me to do so.