Discomfort relief

Anja has a deep understanding of anatomy, and a rare talent for analysing problems, combined with a friendly manner. I do not hesitate to seek her help whenever I have some discomfort, knowing that relief is at hand.


I consulted Anja with respect to long standing sleep disruption… She was impeccable in her knowledge & professional approach & has an impressive breadth of experience & learning. Her general demeanor inspires confidence & she is a warm ” safe” pair of hands.

Health and well-being

The power of touch has been recognised throughout the ages as a healing tool, and its practitioners have been highly regarded. Anja follows in this great tradition. With her deep knowledge and understanding of the body she has helped many, including myself, to weather the pain of a damaged or broken body. I recommend her services without reservation, knowing that her consummate abilities can bring health and well-being.

Highly recommended !

Anja goes the extra mile to diagnose and sort out your problems. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and can use a variety of different techniques depending on your needs. Highly recommended!

Enjoying life

Like lots of people I have a busy home life and a stressful job, having hypnotherapy with Anja has helped me to relax put work into perspective and prioritize my life, I am now able to cope and not let worries get in the way of me enjoying my family and doing the things I enjoy.