Here are just a few areas that I can help with:

  • enhancing confidence, motivation and focus,
  • reducing any type of anxiety such as exam nerves, fear of public speaking and regaining trust in oneself and others.
    any type of emotional problems such as stress, anger, sleep or eating disorders, ticks, phobias etc.
  • regaining control over one’s life and improving performance in daily life, work, school, college and sport etc.
  • coping with emotional problems such as bereavement and PTSD,
  • aiding weightloss,
  • seeing your life more positively and coping better with all that life has on offer and making sure that you get a good night of sleep.

For a long time it was thought that the brain stops developing at the age of about 21 years of age and that would be it, no changes possible as we grow older.

Luckily science has caught up with reality and we now have evidence that millions of new connections (neurons) are being formed throughout our entire life. This is called Neuroplasticity. It means that whatever fears we have whichever unhelpful habits we develop it is never too late to work on finding a way out of them to improve your life.

Why Solution Focused?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a relatively new discipline and is based on the most up-to-date brain based research and the best tools from NLP and CBT and SFBT. The Solution Focused approach means that it is using positive psychology rather than problem focused psychology. This means that it can help you to gain fast results with solutions that you have developed yourself under the guidance of the Therapist, because we believe that the client has all the resources in them to come up with solutions that are suitable for them and their life.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the same as trance where the mind is strongly focused inwardly. Peripheral awareness is reduced and can be focused on only one thing: the suggestions given by the Therapist. It is basically the state of a very relaxed body and mind in which the mind is much more open to suggestions than it would be in a non-relaxed state. Hypnotherapy therefore is a gentle and natural way of helping you to achieve what you want.

Everyday Trance: We all go into trance several times a day on numerous occasions, so we are in a trance:

  • when we are reading a book and what we read creates a whole world of its own in our mind – we are in a trance.
  • when we are trying to recall a situation and focus our mind on those past events, we are in a trance
  • when we drive a car and go on autopilot while thinking of something else and suddenly realise that we have kind of missed the last few miles but were completely in control of the car while with our thoughts somewhere else.

The last example shows how we are completely in control while we are in a trance – if we need or want to, we get back our peripheral awareness in less than a second.

What to expect:

During the Initial Consultation we talk about what you want to work on and what you want to achieve. I will explain to you how the brain works and why you suffer the way you do. I will explain to you how and why Hypnotherapy can help you and you can then decide if you would like to work with me. You will also receive a CD or a download link to my hypnotherapy tape.

The Sessions are aimed at finding and implementing your own solutions. I will explain to you what changes in the brain when the solutions are implemented and you will have the pleasure of experiencing trance which helps making sure that your brain uses the solutions that you have just developed.

FAQ: Will the practitioner be able to control me?
Answer: No! You are 100% in control. Your ability of decision making is not reduced. Your subconscious mind only uses what it feels is useful and helpful. Also – no Therapist should feel the need to control you – Solution Focused Therapy is about your choices and your solutions that you develop and determine for yourself. The Therapist only facilitates in finding those tools. Hypnotherapy is about you regaining control over your mind and your life!

FAQ: What if can’t get hypnotised?
Answer: Everybody can go into trance/hypnosis. If you are very anxious it might take you a bit longer to relax, but this is not a problem. The moment you start listening to me without other thoughts going on in your head, you are aware and in a trance.

FAQ: How do I know that Hypnotherapy really works?
Answer: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been developed based on findings of brain based research. It is scientifically proven that Hypnotherapy creates the changes that we are intending it to. Hypnosis makes you feel better even without suggestions and solutions!